ThinkCMS v5

ThinkCMS v5

ThinkCMS version 5 is released in Q1 2018 and it is the next major version of the system featuring a new UI and over 460 improvements along with PHP 7.2 compatibility. Although we can not list all new features here, we have selected a few.

ThinkCMS v5


  • Full redesign of the whole admin area;
  • Faster and cleaner responsive UI;
  • Made for modern browsers;
  • Off-screen menus for more working space;
  • Errors, success messages and confirmations provide more information;
  • Lighter and faster core, 3x improvement on PHP 7.2***;


  • New and improved UI for easier workflow;
  • Select multiple items for deletion; **
  • Deleting items does not return you to the first page anymore;
  • Double clicking the item in the hierarchy tree goes directly to edit mode, single click shows sub-items; *
  • Improved filtering of results;
  • Drag and drop sorting; *
  • Quick actions for moving to top / bottom; *
  • Additional UI improvements for sorting items;

Adding / Editing

  • Cleaner input fields;
  • Better selects with faster autocomplete features;
  • New HTML5 compliant WYSIWYG editor;
  • The editor expands automatically to fit your content;
  • Fixed toolbar and controls to avoid scrolling to the top to apply a style or modify the content;
  • Improved Media Manager. Images inserted into content are optimized and compressed;
  • New image cropping tool with more control over cropped thumbnails;
  • Drop files to import; *
  • Improved UI of the multi-image uploader;
  • Full screen image cropper;
  • Better date and time pickers;
  • Clicking view items from the edit item form returns to the previous position in the listing (not the first page like before);
  • Hierarchy tree is shown on add / edit forms for easier navigation;
  • Dynamic content blocks;
  • New sortable multiselect form component;
  • View on site, direct preview links from the admin area to the content on the public site;
  • Alternate content versions for other languages with automatic hreflang implementation;
  • Customizable social sharing tags and images;


  • Strict password rules for all admin passwords;
  • Brute force protection and account locking;
  • Improved CSRF protection;
  • Configurable HSTS Policy for sites with SSL;
  • Improved session ID entropy;
  • Password hashing with Argon2i;
  • Secure encryption with AES-128-CBC and AES-256-CBC;
  • Support for encrypted file/image names;
  • GDPR compliant secure data storage for sensitive / private data;
  • Automatic checks for known security issues in used packages;

New standard modules

  • GDPR Cookie Module - Create GDPR compliant cookie consent banners and manage consents;
  • Social redirects - Create social sharing links with custom title, description and image;
  • Admin log - All actions in the admin area are logged for security purposes. Users with high level access now can see who did what and when;
  • TinyPNG - Smart PNG and JPEG compression. Optimize your images with a perfect balance in quality and file size;


  • New storage and database architecture supporting high volumes of data and documents;
  • Improved handling of transparent PNG images;
  • PNG image compression;
  • Optional smart JPG and PNG image compression via the TinyPNG API;
  • Improved integration with CloudFlare;
  • On demand cropped thumbnails;
  • System tools with new UI;
  • New help center;
  • HTTP/2 server push;
  • PHP 7.2 support;

* Features available where supported by the objects
** If allowed, available or turned on;
*** Based on internal benchmarks for existing projects;

Change log


  • Garbage collector for uploaded images / files;
  • Newsletter bug fix on Chrome r66;
  • When an image / file upload fails, the previous upload is not deleted;
  • Dynamic content blocks;
  • Code cleanup and refactoring in some essential modules;
  • HSTS Policy is now configurable;
  • New sortable multiselect form component;
  • Pages and news include a social sharing image by default;
  • New TinyPNG module;


  • Passwords hashed with Argon2i for better protection;
  • Database logging for TinyPNG optimized images;
  • HTML Purifier updated to latest;
  • UI improvements in Newsletter module;
  • New admin login screens and improved security;
  • Admin password reset forms;


  • New GDPR compliant cookie consent module;
  • Data anonymization and pseudonymization methods ensuring no personal or sensitive data is stored in in admin logs;
  • Improved Excel imports and exports;
  • Chrome XSS Auditor, false positive error fixed;
  • UI Fixes;


The 5.1.0 release is a mayor code refactoring of the existing modules that introduces numerous improvements and new features.

  • New defense in depth measures for password storage;
  • New data validator methods
  • Optimized configuration storage;
  • Speed improvements;
  • Lighter core, uses ~3% less memory;
  • MediaManager supports SVG images;
  • HTML Purifier updated to 4.10.0;
  • PHPMailer updated to 6.0.4;
  • Sort to bottom bug fix;
  • UI improvements;
  • Implemented standards:
    • PSR-7 HTTP message interfaces;
    • PSR-15 HTTP server request handlers and middleware;
    • PSR-11 Dependency injection containers;


  • Automatic checks for known security issues in used packages;
  • PHPMailer updated to 6.0.4;


  • Stricter cookie security;
  • PHP 7.4 support;

Features in development

  • WebP image support for all image upload components;
  • Support for converting uploaded images into WebP, with fallback image for older browsers;