TinyPNG offers smart PNG and JPEG compression and optimizes your images with a perfect balance in quality and file size. The service is available via an API with 500 free image compressions per month. To use the service you will need to register an API key and enable it from our settings section.

In the "API Key" field enter your API key. To enable the smart image compression, set "Enabled" to "Yes". If you wish to optimize the Media Manager uploads, set "Optimize Media Manager uploads" to "Yes".

Tracking the API usage

TinyPNG Dashboard

On the ThinkCMS dashboard you will be able to see the API usage for the current month. If you plan to use more than 500 image compressions per month, you can switch to the paid TinyPNG service where you will be billed just for uploaded images exceeding your free quota.

Please note, that uploading one image might use several compression API credits as thumbnails are counted as separate image compression requests.