Adding images to your site is an essential task and image uploads will be available in many modules on the site. There are 2 types of image uploads in the system: single image uploads and multi image uploads.

Single image uploads

Single image uploads are the most common type of image uploads. With this type of upload the allowed image types are shown along with the max width and height and file size accepted.

Image upload

After you upload an image, if thumbnails are required and defined, they are generated automatically. In some cases a cropped thumbnail is needed and while the system creates these on its own, you will have the option to crop the image to your liking. To crop a specific thumbnail size, click on the "Recrop" button for the size (if available) and the image cropping tool will be shown.

Crop thumbnail

Drag the handles or the whole crop area to position it to the part of the image you want to be displayed on the thumbnail and click the "Crop WxH thumbnail" button on the top.

If you wish to delete the uploaded image and its thumbnails, click on the "Delete" button below the image preview.

Multi image uploads

This type of image upload functionality will be available on modules that feature galleries or require uploading a large number of images.

Multi image uploads

When you see, this or a similar looking control, it means that you can upload multiple images at once. You can select one or more images from a folder on your computer and drag and drop the on the field or you can click on it and select one or more images from the file open dialog.