Meta Description

Meta Description

The Meta Description tag is an important part of the search engine optimization process. A well written and optimized description helps you rank better, improves your SERPs click through rate and provides you with an efficient tool to drive traffic when your page is shared on social networking sites like Facebook who use the Meta Description to get information about the page just like search engines do.

Google listing Meta Description

Meta Description optimization tips:

  • The Meta Description should be short, include the keywords you are targeting, your brand and should encourage searchers to click on your listing in the search results.
  • Use unique descriptions for every page on the website. Avoid using similar descriptions on multiple pages.
  • Limit the Meta Description to around 150 characters, although the maximum limit is 250 characters try not to reach it.
  • Limit the number of keywords used to 2-3 related to one another and to the content of the page.
  • Avoid repeating similar keywords of phrases close together (Ex: ...Free gifts. Free gifts are amazing..)
  • The Meta Description tag must be related to the Title and the content in the body of the page.
  • Using plural forms of the keywords widens your keywords search reach.
  • Unless your company has an important keyword in the name, or people use it to find you via search engines, do not use it or put it at the end of the Description. Words like "LLC", "Inc." and "OOD" are not keywords and just take valuable space that can be filled with other related keywords or phrases.

In the following example you can see how the Meta Description is shown in the Google's search results:

Meta Description in social shares

In the following example you can see how the Meta Description is shown in the Facebook share dialog:

Facebook share Meta Description