Email Settings

Email Settings

Settings related to how email messages are sent from the site. Configuration settings allowing you to select from three different mail sending methods and the specific settings for each one of them.

To access the email settings panel click the "Settings" > "System Settings" link from the top menu. You will be shown a list with all the available settings for your installation. Find the "Email Settings" section and click the "View/Edit Settings" button or double click the row.

General Email Configuration

From this group of settings you can select the default method by which the email messages will be sent from the site.

  • PHP Mail function - uses the built in PHP mail function to send the email from the site. Due to restrictions on some hosts, if you use this option please make sure that the "From email address" is an actual mailbox on your hosting account.
  • sendmail MTA - Not recommended unless you are familiar with the software and how to configure it.
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) - This is the recommended option. It uses a real email address on your server or out of your server that can be configured in the same way you configure your Outlook mailbox. The "SMTP Configuration" section has all the options as your normal mail client.

Follow the instructions in the specific section for the selected method.